Theorem Proving in First-Order Logic modulo Linear Integer Arithmetic

Princess is a theorem prover for Presburger arithmetic with uninterpreted predicates. This means that Princess can reason about problems in integer arithmetic without multiplication (only multiplication with integer literals is allowed), augmented with predicates that can be axiomatised arbitrarily. Such problems can contain arbitrary quantifiers to express that some formula is supposed to hold for all or for some integers. Some further features of Princess include:

You can run Princess using Java Webstart, provided that you have a Java runtime environment (version 1.5 or newer) and Webstart installed on your computer. Java Webstart is usually included in JREs. For example problems to be proven, see the tutorial page and the source distributions.

Princess is free software. Since version 2014-08-27, Princess is distributed under LGPL v3; older versions were licenced under GPL v3. The latest release is 2015-03-11.

Please contact me if you are interested in any projects or thesis work related to Princess. (possible topics)




Documentation and Publications


Here is a (probably incomplete) list of applications of Princess that I am aware of. I am interested in learning about further situations where Princess was found to be useful, so in case you have one feel free to drop me a mail!

Installation of the binary distribution

We provide a binary distribution of the latest version of Princess. This distribution contains all required libraries, i.e., the Scala API and the Cup parser generator library; it is only necessary to have a Java runtime environment (version 1.5 or newer) installed.

To install, just download the archive and unpack it in some directory of your choice. The Princess gui can then be invoked using the script princessGui, the command line tool using the script princess. In addition, the script princessClient can be used to run Princess in client-server mode.

Installation of the binary CASC/TPTP distribution

We currently maintain a separate branch for full support of the TPTP format. You can download a binary of the latest version, or the sources. This version differs from normal Princess mainly in the following points:

Compilation, Installation from source

The compilation is so far only tested on Linux systems. For the installation, you need:

The actual installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Unpack one of the snapshots (preferably the newest one) and change to the princess-* directory
  2. Create a directory extlibs and copy the file java-cup-11a.jar into it
  3. In case you want to compile the parser yourself (not necessary), run make parser-jar
  4. Run make to compile Princess.

If everything went ok, it is possible to run Princess with the command ./princess <inputfile>
A list of the Princess options can be printed using ./princess -h